Try Summarize API here

The Summarize API from AI21 Studio gives you the ability to use our advanced summarization engine, which has been specially calibrated for summarization tasks. Due to its optimization for this specific purpose, it is simpler to integrate into your systems, more efficient, and less costly than developing a summarization engine from the ground up. Additionally, it is the same engine powering Wordtune Read, so you can rest assured of its impressive performance.

Simple API request

With only 2 required parameters in the payload, using this API is as simple as it gets:

source: The input text, or URL of a web page to be summarized.
sourceType: The type of the above - either TEXT or URL.


focus: Return only summaries focused on a topic of your choice.

To get a more customized summarization, you also have an optional parameter:

focus: Return only summaries focused on a topic of your choice. Up to 50 characters.

   "source": "We’ve all experienced reading long, tedious, and boring pieces of text - financial reports, legal documents, or terms and conditions (though, who actually reads those terms and conditions to be honest?).  Imagine a company that employs hundreds of thousands of employees. In today's information overload age, nearly 30% of the workday is spent dealing with documents. There's no surprise here, given that some of these documents are long and convoluted on purpose (did you know that reading through all your privacy policies would take almost a quarter of a year?). Aside from inefficiency, workers may simply refrain from reading some documents (for example, Only 16% of Employees Read Their Employment Contracts Entirely Before Signing!).   This is where AI-driven summarization tools can be helpful: instead of reading entire documents, which is tedious and time-consuming, users can (ideally) quickly extract relevant information from a text. With large language models, the development of those tools is easier than ever, and you can offer your users a summary that is specifically tailored to their preferences.  Let's take legal documents, for example. Though they are written in English, many people find legal documents to be difficult to comprehend, as if they were actually written in a foreign language. Moreover, the interesting parts of each document may differ depending on the person who reads it, so off-the-shelf summarization tools may be too general or too specific. As an example, let's look at the involved personas:",
   "sourceType": "TEXT",
   "focus": "AI-driven summarization" // Optional

The following is a possible response for the example request above:

  "id": "4f4acb3a-bfb5-a35c-99e5-0be572d97835",
  "summary": "AI-driven summarization tools can help users extract relevant information from a text, instead of reading entire documents, which is tedious and time-consuming."