Try Grammatical Error Corrections API here

With our Grammatical Error Corrections (GEC) API, you can tap into our advanced GEC engine, purpose-built and expertly tuned for this task. By integrating the Wordtune API into your writing platform, you can give your users the confidence to write without worrying about grammar. This API is one of Wordtune's major backbones, which speaks to its quality.

Using the GEC API is straightforward: simply send the text to the API and receive a list of every grammar error, complete with its location and suggested corrections.

Using a quote from Winnie the Pooh as an example, imagine that we've inserted it into the text parameter but made some mistakes:

  "text": "It is is more fun to talk with someone who doesnt use long, difikolt words but rather short, easy words like, ‘What about lunch"

The GEC API can identify and suggest corrections for these errors.

Following is the expected response:

  "id": "e6360a99-701b-813b-7296-f08057918320",
  "corrections": [
      "suggestion": "It is",
      "startIndex": 0,
      "endIndex": 8,
      "originalText": "It is is",
      "correctionType": "Word Repetition"
      "suggestion": "doesn't",
      "startIndex": 43,
      "endIndex": 49,
      "originalText": "doesnt",
      "correctionType": "Grammar"
      "suggestion": "difficult",
      "startIndex": 60,
      "endIndex": 68,
      "originalText": "difikolt",
      "correctionType": "Spelling"
      "suggestion": "lunch?",
      "startIndex": 122,
      "endIndex": 127,
      "originalText": "lunch",
      "correctionType": "Punctuation"

As you can see, the response includes 4 corrections to mistakes found in the given text - Each correction is returned as an object with the following fields:

suggestion: the suggested correction.

startIndex: the index at which the correction process starts within the provided text.

endIndex: the index at which the correction process ends within the provided text.

originalText: the text where the mistake was identified.

correctionType: a required field that specifies the type of correction suggested by the GEC API.
The possible types of correction are Grammar, Missing Word, Punctuation, Spelling, Word Repetition, and Wrong Word.