New Client Tokenizer is now available! 🚀

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ai21-tokenizer client library. This library allows for local tokenization, eliminating the need to rely on the /tokenizer API endpoint. Users can now efficiently perform tokenization directly within their local environment, providing a secure method to determine the number of tokens for a given prompt or answer.

Introducing: Data Collections

Effortlessly log and organize your playground completions into a data collection.

Jurassic-2 Ultra can now run in Amazon SageMaker on p4d.24xlarge instances with a context window of 8k tokens! 🎉

A new patch release (v2.2.001) of Jurassic-2 Ultra is now live in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, enabling Jurassic-2 Ultra to run on p4d.24xlarge instances with an expanded context window of 8k tokens (up from the previous 4k context window).


Contextual Answers 2.0.0 Release Notes

This version of the Contextual Answers model includes the following improvements:


New Playground Interface of AI21 Studio! 🎉

We're thrilled to present our brand new playground, offering you not just one, but multiple playground views. The new playground lets you easily evaluate and engage with our diverse range of foundation and task-specific models, speeding up your prompt engineering and model customization journey.

Jurassic 2.1.0 Release Announcement

This new version of Jurassic demonstrates improved capabilities across all tasks and applications, featuring enhanced control over outputs and tighter adherence to specifications. From paying attention to precise instructions, such as including or excluding particular words in the generated text, to ensuring the desired output format, it excels in capturing details like brand voice and product specifics. The model now also exhibits enhanced tolerance to common input imperfections, such as typing and grammatical mistakes.


Introducing: Document Library for Contextual Answers

We're thrilled to announce an enhancement to our existing Contextual Answers feature, namely the Document Library addition. This upgrade empowers organizations to establish their private document library, enabling an advanced question-answering engine that utilizes organizational data for more accurate, contextual responses.

Jurassic 2.0.4 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Jurassic version 2.0.4, now in production. The new version is automatically available to all users, giving you access to all new features and improvements without any action needed. For users on Amazon SageMaker, you can enjoy the benefits of this update by specifying a new ARN. This version introduces a major upgrade to model safety by effectively declining responses to prompts that may provoke any unwanted behavior such as sexual, violent or racist content. Besides the major safety improvements, this release also includes significant advancements in the model’s ability to respond to legitimate prompts. The following is a list of new features that enhance the usability of our models.


Jurassic-2 Model Renaming: No Action Needed Thanks to Automatic Rerouting

We're happy to share some exciting updates about our Jurassic models at AI21 Studio. In our quest to make our services as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, we have made some changes to the names of our models. However, we want to reassure you that no immediate action is required on your part as we have implemented an automatic rerouting system to ensure uninterrupted service. Here are the details: