Summarize Models

Take a document (raw text or URL) and returns a summary of the text.

AI21 Studio's summarize models offer access to our world-class summarization engine. They have been specifically developed for reading long texts and providing a faithful summary of the original document. This is also the engine behind Wordtune Read - our acclaimed reading assistant, so you know it's pretty awesome.

Whether you're an NLP enthusiast or have no prior knowledge, this API is for you. There are many clever mechanisms under the hood, but you don't have to understand them (if you don't want to). As a summarize-specific API, you can easily integrate it into your systems and get top-notch summarizations in a matter of minutes, with no prompt engineering required. Additionally, since it's optimized for this purpose, it's significantly more efficient than building it from scratch, and an order of magnitude cheaper.

Summarization Models


The /summarize API takes a piece of text or fetches text from a given URL and generates grounded summaries that remain faithful to the original document (i.e. no external information is added during the process). The summaries are formatted as bullet lists, following the original text flow. Read the full guide here.

Summarize by Segment

The /summary-by-segment API takes a piece of text or fetches text from a given URL and breaks it into logical segments, returning summarized content for each segment, rather than one overall summary. This method is particularly useful for enabling users to read the original text faster and more efficiently. They can skim where possible and pay more attention where needed. Read the full guide here.