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AI21 Studio is a platform that provides developers and businesses with top-tier natural language processing (NLP) solutions, powered by AI21 Labs’ state-of-the-art language models.



Our second-generation language model series, Jurassic-2, is now available for you to use. The Jurassic-2 family base includes LMs of different sizes - Jumbo, Grande, and Large, as well as instruction-tuned LMs of Grande and Jumbo. Jurassic-2 offers top-tier performance with significant improvements in quality and new capabilities like instruction-following.

Jurassic-2 supports various non-English languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch, and offers up to 30% faster performance.


Using our Complete API, you can generate text completions for an input prompt. You can embed the API in your application or service, or use our interactive web environment to experiment with the models.


The Instruct models API makes it easy to add instruction-following functionality to your applications. Simply integrate the API into your service and input specific instructions for execution. Our Instruct models are already trained to handle your instructions, so no examples are needed. You can also test the models in our interactive web environment.


Our task-specific APIs offer plug-and-play capabilities that enable you to implement generative AI in your products in minutes. The first collection of task-specific APIs is the Wordtune API, giving you access to the language models behind Wordtune, AI21 Labs’ consumer-facing app that hosts tens of millions of users worldwide. The Wordtune API provides summarization, paraphrasing, grammatical error corrections, text improvement suggestions, and text segmentation.

How can I start

Create your account on AI21 Studio and start building with Jurassic-2. We offer flexible pay-as-you-go plans as well as a free trial with a generous amount of free credits to get you started.

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