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AI21 Studio offers businesses advanced NLP solutions with our production ready models. Alongside foundation models (our new model Jamba and existing series of Jurassic-2), we offer production-ready models tailored for specific tasks, ensuring precision and expertise in their application areas.

Jamba Series [Preview]

Jamba Instruct , our top-notch foundation model, offers exceptional flexibility and efficiency for a wide range of business use cases. Designed to surpass traditional language models, Jamba supports extensive language capabilities, enhancing its applicability for global use.


Our Jurassic-2 series, equipped with high-performance language models, encompasses three variants - Ultra, Mid, and Light. These models are distinguished by their unwavering delivery of superior performance and broad flexibility, excelling in diverse tasks.

In addition to English, Jurassic-2 demonstrates exceptional proficiency in multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.


Our task-specific models offer plug-and-play capabilities that enable you to implement generative AI in your products in minutes. The first collection of task-specific models is the Wordtune API, giving you access to the language models behind Wordtune, AI21 Labs’ consumer-facing app that hosts tens of millions of users worldwide. The Wordtune API provides summarization, paraphrasing, grammatical error corrections, text improvement suggestions, and text segmentation.

How can I start

Create your account on AI21 Studio and start building with Jurassic-2. We offer flexible pay-as-you-go plans as well as a free trial with a generous amount of free credits to get you started.

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