Summarize Conversation [BETA]

AI21 Studio's /summarize-conversation API takes a text (conversation or chat transcript) and generates a grounded summary that contains the subject and the main topics that were discussed. The topics are formatted as bullet lists, following the original text flow. For the full API functionality see the API Reference.

The Summarize Conversation model is specifically tailored to distill essential information from conversation transcripts and chats. This model is particularly adept at handling a broad spectrum of dialogues, including those from customer support calls, earnings calls, business meetings, and podcasts. It effectively identifies and summarizes the key points and themes discussed in these conversations. This capability allows users to quickly grasp the core ideas and decisions made during interactions, without the need to sift through the entire conversation.

In practical terms, the Summarize Conversation model serves as a powerful tool for professionals and organizations aiming to enhance their efficiency and decision-making processes. For instance, in a customer support scenario, it can summarize the concerns and resolutions discussed during a call, providing valuable insights for service improvement and training purposes. Similarly, in a corporate setting, it can distill the crucial outcomes and action items from lengthy business meetings or earnings calls, enabling stakeholders to stay informed and aligned with the company's strategic direction. The model's ability to process and condense spoken content into actionable summaries not only saves time but also facilitates better communication and knowledge management within teams and across the organization.