Jurassic-1 Models [Legacy]

Note: Jurassic-1 models will be deprecated on June 1st, 2023.

🦖 Jurassic-1 Series

Jurassic-1 (J1) is the first generation in a series of large language models trained and made widely accessible by AI21 Labs. There are three versions of Jurassic-1, differing by size:

  • J1-Jumbo, with 178B parameters, is the largest and most sophisticated language model ever released for general use by developers. Jumbo is the most capable model in the J1 family, but it's also the slowest and most expensive to run.
  • J1-Grande, with 17B parameters, is faster and more affordable than Jumbo, and more capable than Large.
  • J1-Large, with 7.5B parameters, is smaller, faster and more affordable but overall less capable than Jumbo, though still very effective for many use-cases.

A complete description of Jurassic-1, including benchmarks and quantitative comparisons with other models, can be found in our technical paper.