Small yet useful new features for preset management, documentation and customer support

We've added three small but useful features in this update. As Roy T. Bennett, author of “The Light in the Heart”, wrote: “You make the world a better place by making daily improvements to become the best version of yourself.”


A new version of AI21's documentation platform has been released!

The new documentation platform introduces more information on the use of our large language models, how to use our APIs, example recipes, and more!


Jurassic-1 Instruct is now available!

Jurassic-1 Instruct, our instruction-following language model, is now available in open beta! 🦖


NEW: Delete custom presets and datasets

Two new features are included in this update: custom presets can be deleted and uploaded datasets can be deleted. Both of these features are extremely useful for anyone who has a large number of assets and wishes to organize them as well as remove older assets from their collections.


Introducing Rewrite API & Summarize API

We are excited to announce the launch of two specialized APIs from AI21 Studio: Rewrite API and Summarize API. Developed by our experts, these top-notch NLP models are designed to handle the complex tasks of paraphrasing and summarization accurately. All that’s left is to integrate them into your product and let the magic happen 🔮✨💫


NEW: Overview page

We have created a new Overview page to be the entry gate to our platform. With easy access to a set of premade examples (presets), API documentation and custom models, it should be a breeze to start working with our technology right away.