Introducing Rewrite API & Summarize API

We are excited to announce the launch of two specialized APIs from AI21 Studio: Rewrite API and Summarize API. Developed by our experts, these top-notch NLP models are designed to handle the complex tasks of paraphrasing and summarization accurately. All that’s left is to integrate them into your product and let the magic happen 🔮✨💫

With Rewrite API, you can paraphrase text to use different wording, style and tone. Give your users superpowers by integrating an AI co-writer into your app.

See it in action:


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With Summarize API, you can compress documents into short summaries. Extract insights from social media discourse, online reviews, organizational knowledge bases and more.

Here's a glimpse


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The current pricing model for Rewrite API is available here. While we finalize the Summarize API pricing, you can use it for free (knock yourself out 😉).

There's never been an easier way to use NLP! We can't wait to see what you'll build 🤓