Introducing: Document Library for Contextual Answers

We're thrilled to announce an enhancement to our existing Contextual Answers feature, namely the Document Library addition. This upgrade empowers organizations to establish their private document library, enabling an advanced question-answering engine that utilizes organizational data for more accurate, contextual responses.

New Feature

Contextual Answers: Document Library
The Document Library extends our existing Contextual Answers feature, allowing businesses to upload a diverse range of their own documents – including knowledge bases, help center libraries, business reports, policies, guidelines, manuals, and playbooks. The AI taps into this corpus of information, providing accurate responses to questions, firmly grounded in organizational knowledge.
Potential applications span multiple sectors:

  • Customer Support for CRMs and Independent Software Vendors
  • Financial Services
  • Education Service Providers
  • Legal Services and Insurance
  • Sales and Marketing
  1. Simplified Document Upload & Management
    Uploading and managing documents in the library is made easy, either through our Python SDK or via an HTTP request. Users can upload individual documents, store them in directories, or tag them with labels. This level of organization facilitates the easy retrieval of information and allows you to target your queries on a subset of documents.
  2. Reliable and Factual Responses
    The AI engine swiftly responds to user queries, referencing the uploaded documents for accurate answers. In cases where an answer isn't found within the document library, the AI will return an empty response, maintaining a high level of information integrity.

Looking Ahead

We're eagerly anticipating how businesses will leverage the expanded Contextual Answers feature with the Document Library. We are devoted to pioneering advancements and refining our services to meet the ever-growing demands of businesses in the transformative landscape of Generative AI.