Introducing: Data Collections

Effortlessly log and organize your playground completions into a data collection.


The Data Collections in-playground feature simplifies the process of saving and accessing exemplary and developmental model outputs for tracking progress and providing insight into prompt and configuration effectiveness.

This feature is woven into the "Complete" playground, accessible at AI21 Studio - Complete Playground, and at the Data Collections page.

Data Collections serves as your personal librarian, organizing your explorations. Whether you are fine-tuning prompts or tweaking model configurations, the tool lets you capture and stores each variation.


  1. Simple Saving Functionality: Seamlessly save your model generations alongside their corresponding input prompts and detailed model configurations. Whether it’s the type of model used or specific settings like temperature, every aspect is recorded in your data collection.
  2. Unlimited Data Collections for Diverse Use Cases: Tailor your AI development process with the flexibility to create multiple data collections. This feature is designed to accommodate every unique use case you're working on, allowing for specialized and organized datasets that cater to the specific needs of each project.
  3. Iterative Development Made Easy: Dive back into your saved prompts and generations with ease. The ability to load and re-iterate on them as needed fosters a dynamic environment for continuous improvement.
  4. Evaluate Collections with a Click: With the 'Evaluate Collection' option, assessing the effectiveness of your prompts and generations becomes a straightforward task. This capability allows you to effortlessly select the best examples or gauge the overall performance of your model.
  5. Efficient Management with Deletion Options: Maintain the relevance and quality of your data collections by removing prompts and generations that no longer serve your purpose.

Each of these capabilities is designed to enhance your experience with AI21 Studio, making your AI development process more efficient and effective.