New Playground Interface of AI21 Studio! 🎉

We're thrilled to present our brand new playground, offering you not just one, but multiple playground views. The new playground lets you easily evaluate and engage with our diverse range of foundation and task-specific models, speeding up your prompt engineering and model customization journey.

What's New?

A View for Every Model and Mission: Dive into the Playground's diverse views, designed to visually showcase our vast array of models. Using these views, you are able to compare and experiment efficiently in order to find the right model or settings for your needs. Including:

A view for every model and need

A view for every model and need

Foundation Models:

Complete: The cornerstone of our model suite, supporting Jurassic-2 Ultra, Mid and Light, the Complete model produces natural language in response to a given prompt. Now, it boasts an enhanced interface, allowing users to experience a side-by-side view of up to 3 model outputs, making comparisons and experimentation of prompts, models and model parameters more streamlined than ever.

A new **Split view** for experimenting with the foundation models

A new Split view for experimenting with the foundation models

Task Specific Models:

  • Contextual Answers: For precise, context-aware responses. Receives a question and a document and returns an answer based on the document context.
  • Paraphrase: Revise text while retaining the original meaning. Takes a piece of text and returns a list of paraphrases that convey the same meaning in other words.
  • Summarize: Distill lengthy content into crisp summaries. Takes a document (raw text or URL) and returns a summary of the text.
  • Grammatical Error Corrections: Perfect your text in real-time. Detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and others, and suggests how to correct them.
  • Text Improvements: Elevate your content quality. Recommends rewriting for improving the fluency, clarity and style of a given text.
Grammatical error corrections playground view

Grammatical error corrections playground view

A Refreshing Makeover

With a brand-new look and feel, experimenting with our generative AI models has never been this smooth. Besides enriching your existing interactions, the renovated playground is strategically designed to accommodate the many features and views we plan to roll out in the near future.

Please Note

Pricing: Model usage via the Playground follows regular usage pricing.