Jurassic 2.1.0 Release Announcement

This new version of Jurassic demonstrates improved capabilities across all tasks and applications, featuring enhanced control over outputs and tighter adherence to specifications. From paying attention to precise instructions, such as including or excluding particular words in the generated text, to ensuring the desired output format, it excels in capturing details like brand voice and product specifics. The model now also exhibits enhanced tolerance to common input imperfections, such as typing and grammatical mistakes.

Common tasks that have seen significant quality improvements include:

  • Generating website copy
  • Writing business narratives
  • Breaking down a project into actionable tasks

In addition to generic improvements that benefit all tasks, this version has also been specifically designed to excel in Retail use cases, which have been in high demand lately. Jurassic now generates much more compelling product descriptions designed to engage potential customers.

Craft Narratives That Lead to Action on Your Website

It is now easier than ever to create catchy descriptions that resonate with website visitors.

PROMPT My website, Silo, is a centralized hub for top-rated open source CSS libraries, complete with rankings, reviews, and seamless integration guides. Write a short, catchy description for it.
COMPLETION Introducing Silo, your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest in open source CSS libraries. With rankings, reviews, and seamless integration guides, Silo makes it easy to find the perfect library for your project. Say goodbye to the hassle of scouring the internet for reliable CSS resources, and let Silo be your gateway to the world of high-quality open source code.

Craft Business Narratives Tailored for Every Medium

For businesses, whether on eCommerce platforms, their own websites, presentations, marketplaces, or any other medium, a compelling narrative can make all the difference. This version boasts generating much more precise and tailored narratives for vendors, whether they're selling products or offering services. With the added capability to customize various elements, these descriptions can now better align with a brand's identity and effectively engage the target audience.

PROMPT A company is looking for a business description for their website. Please use the information below in an engaging way. It should highlight the main points of the company. Make sure it is in the first person. Name of Business: Astro Locksmith Location: Jacksonville, FL Services: - Automotive - Residential - Commercial Important Company Highlights: - 6 Years in the Locksmith Industry Other Company Highlights: - Local locksmith service - 30 min response time - Lockout services - Lock replacement
COMPLETION Astro Locksmith is a trusted locksmith service in Jacksonville, FL. We have over 6 years of experience in the locksmith industry, and we provide a wide range of services, including automotive, residential, and commercial. Our locksmiths are licensed and insured, and we offer a 30-minute response time. We also offer lockout services, lock replacement, and more. If you're in need of a locksmith, don't hesitate to call Astro Locksmith. We'll be happy to help you out.

Break Down a Project into Actionable Tasks

Jurassic has taken a leap forward in its task list generation capabilities. With its enhanced ability to comprehend instructions, the model now excels in tailoring task lists based on precise directives. Whether you're looking for creative, out-of-the-box ideas or comprehensive task breakdowns, Jurassic ensures a detailed approach. For those seeking thorough coverage from A to Z, it thoughtfully includes tasks that can further be subdivided, ensuring no objective is left untouched.

PROMPT Create a task list for launching a new marketing analysis feature. This feature will be an additional offering to the existing product which is a project management software. The tasks offered should be creative and relate to the context given. Tasks should be short, actionable and not generic.
COMPLETION 1. Conduct market research to identify target audience and competitors. 2. Define key features and functionalities of the new marketing analysis feature. 3. Develop user personas and customer journey maps to understand user needs and pain points. 4. Create a visual design concept for the new marketing analysis feature. 5. Build an interactive prototype of the new marketing analysis feature for user testing. 6. Conduct user testing to gather feedback and improve the new marketing analysis feature. 7. Create a launch plan including marketing, sales, and customer support strategies. 8. Develop a pricing strategy and launch the new marketing analysis feature. 9. Monitor and analyze customer feedback and usage data to improve the new marketing analysis feature. 10. Continuously iterate on the new marketing analysis feature based on customer feedback.

Seamless Interaction, Regardless of Text Variations

Jurassic's newest iteration has been trained to gracefully navigate the myriad ways people communicate. Recognizing the diversity in text inputs, especially when integrating user-driven features into apps or platforms, it's essential that our model understands and responds effectively, even if the text deviates from standard grammar or contains typos.

PROMPT Creat tasc list for lunchin a new marketing analysys feture. This feature will be aditionaal offering to the exissting produuct which is a progect management software. The taska offered should be creative and relatte to the context given. Tasks shold be short, actionablle and not generik.
COMPLETION 1. Conduct market research to identify customer pain points and needs that could be addressed by the new marketing analysis feature. 2. Develop a product roadmap that outlines the specific features and functionality of the new marketing analysis feature. 3. Collaborate with design and engineering teams to create wireframes and prototypes for the marketing analysis feature. 4. Define the target market for the marketing analysis feature, including identifying key customer personas and their needs. 5. Create a messaging and positioning strategy that effectively communicates the benefits of the marketing analysis feature to potential customers. 6. Develop a go-to-market plan that outlines the launch strategy and timeline for the marketing analysis feature. 7. Create and launch marketing campaigns to promote the marketing analysis feature to potential customers. 8. Monitor and analyze customer feedback and usage data to improve the marketing analysis feature. 9. Partner with key influencers and industry leaders . 10. Continuously improve and iterate on the marketing analysis feature based on customer feedback and data.

In this example, even with a variety of textual inconsistencies, Jurassic discerningly provides relevant and actionable output, ensuring that all users, regardless of their text input style or occasional oversight, feel understood and valued.

Guide Your Product Specs into Tailored, Brand-True Descriptions

Convert plain product specifications into vivid and appealing descriptions designed to encourage purchase. Users have the flexibility to emphasize specific product details as per their preferences.

PROMPT Metadata Product Name: Comfort Fit Adjustable Metal Frame Glasses with Spring Hinge Type: Glasses Category: Accessory Brand: VAN RYSEL Gender: men Additional Information: Lens Material: Polycarbonate Lens Color: Clear Frame Material: Metal Frame Color: Gold Design: 2 colors: Gold and Black Style: Fashion Storage Case: Included According to the metadata write a description of this product: -Specify the brand -Do not mention the gender -Make sure to mention the frame material -Create an engaging description
COMPLETION These stylish and comfortable glasses from VAN RYSEL feature adjustable metal frames and spring hinges for a perfect fit. The clear polycarbonate lenses provide superior clarity, and the glasses come in a gold or black finish. A storage case is included.