Contextual Answers API [BETA] Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Contextual Answers API, a powerful tool for providing accurate and reliable question answering based on specific document context. This API is designed to avoid any factual issues that may arise when using language models to provide answers, and it receives document text and a question and returns an answer based solely on the provided context.

The Contextual Answers API is optimized for efficiency and is a Task-Specific API that can be easily integrated into existing systems without requiring any prompt engineering. With this API, you can get a high-quality, grounded question answering mechanism in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for accurate and context-based question answering.

The API requires two parameters for a successful request: context and question, both of which should be provided as plain text strings. The API returns a response with an answer parameter containing the text of the answer.

We hope that the Contextual Answers API will prove to be a valuable resource for your projects and look forward to seeing the innovative applications that you will build with it. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.